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Skool Loop

Does using the 'send text' option in the absentee section of the app cost parents?

No, sending a text through the app does not incur a fee. The app will redirect the user to the text messages part of their app and normal plan charges will occur.

Why are my personal events showing on my Skool Loop App Calendar?

As well as displaying your school events (from either Google Calendar or manual input), the app also sync’s with your phones ‘native calendar’ allowing you to see both school and personal events, the purpose of this is for parents to see potential clashes in their diary (only you can see your personal events). You may notice that your personal events are shown with a Blue/Purple dot and your school events are a Red/Pink dot. You are able to turn this off in the permissions section of your phone settings.

Why can’t I upload my own newsletter?

Due to Newsletters usually being larger and more populated documents uploading them into the app can often be a fiddley process, so here at Skool Loop we have decided to take the hassle away and upload them for you.

Can I see who received my Notice?

No but we can tell you how many parents have currently got your app on their phone so, if this message was sent to General, we can assume they have all seen it as they will have all got the alert.

Why do I not receive the alerts from Skool Loop?

There are often a few reasons that phone do not receive the alert.

1. If you are in the app when the notice is sent often it does not want to send an alert as you are already in the app to see the message that has been sent.

2. If the app or the user’s phone is not up to date, then they may not receive the notice as the phones current software cannot handle the request.

3. The user’s phone may have notifications switched off, to fix this go into settings – Apps/notifications – and choose to allow.

4. The Phone may be too old. Some phones such as the iPhone 5 are now too old to receive push notifications as the software that the app runs on is newer than what is available for that phone.

5. How do I join a group in notices to receive instant alert’s. - Go into the notices tile on the interface of your school app and touch the three small bars on the top right-hand side, this will show you the groups the school have made.