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5 must-have Apps for Busy Parents

Posted December 25, 2017

We've all got apps on our phones that we couldn't live without—Google Maps, email, our favorite instant messaging app. Then there's the not-so-essential but hard to ignore apps like Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and Facebook.

So any app that helps busy parents organize their kids and keep tabs on everything that's going on should earn a prime position on your smartphone home screen. Here are five super handy apps we can recommend to any busy parent:

  1. Photomath
    Is helping with your child’s math homework, getting a little bit beyond you these days? Lost those finely-honed algebra and calculus skills? (some of us never had them!). No problem, just scan the math equation using Photomath, and it works out the answer. While some might consider this cheating, Photomath shows you how to work out the solution and when used responsibly ( the parent), it helps ease your child through any learning blocks and keeps them motivated.
  2. Sporty NZ
    This free mobile app keeps you informed about sports dates, cancellations and offers absentee reporting, notifications, newsletters and photo galleries. The NZ app aggregates sports information from clubs all around New Zealand and is used by over 3,500 kiwi sports bodies, clubs and schools. A similar service is available in Australia at
  3. Find My Family, Friends, Phone
    While it may not have the catchiest of titles, this app is ranked 10th on the iOS App Store for social apps and provides real-time location of family members on a private map. As a parent, you can receive automated notifications when your younger family members reach their destination, thanks to GPS tracking. As the name suggests, you can even locate a missing phone. The core service from developers Life360 is free, but you can get extra features through a monthly subscription—although some of these features are only available to US-based users.
  4. Parental Control & Kid Tracker
    This app has similar tracking features to the Life360 service, but the most useful functions allow you to manage screen time, allow or block access to any app or website and schedule screen time allowance. You can even create a ‘geo-fence', a safe area for your kids, with notification alerts when they stray outside this preset area.
  5. Skool Loop
    Of course, this list wouldn't be complete without mentioning Skool Loop, the foremost school community app in New Zealand and Australia. Skool Loop combines push notifications, app-based absentee forms, permission slips, school contacts and calendar and more. Schools can load their newsletters into the app and send out urgent notices to all parents as instant messages. No other app combines all this functionality in one place. Best of all, Skool Loop is free, making it a must-have school app download for parents and educators. The app uses discrete banner advertising to cover costs, allowing the developers to provide the service free of charge to parents and school administrators. Schools are consulted to ensure advertisers are suitable and appropriate.


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