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7 Ways An Attendance App Encourages Kids To Stay In School

Posted January 15, 2017

An attendance app can dramatically improve children’s attendance.

Just one day of absence can affect a child’s progress. An attendance app can help keep track of kids’ attendance in school. So how can classroom attendance apps help educators and parents improve students’ performance at school? Here are some ways.

Using classroom attendance apps help teachers and educators reignite their passion for teaching

Teachers, educators, and guardians have the privilege and opportunity to guide kids in reaching their goals in life. But it can sometimes be tiresome and frustrating especially when you know that some kids aren’t reaching their full potential. Classroom attendance apps can help remind teachers of their purpose. Through it, teachers and parents can also create better goals and key performance indicators. Doing so can help encourage teachers and reignite their passion for teaching, especially when the going gets tough.

Classroom attendance apps improve engagement

Most parents have this notion that their kids are in trouble every time a teacher asks them to come to school. Because of this stigma, parents try and avoid conferences with teachers. Classroom attendance apps make it possible for parents and guardians to change this perception. Teachers can send reports, events, and updates in just one click through instant messaging. Parents can also communicate with the teachers and ask about their children’s progress without much fuss. It can also increase parent’s participation in school events. The school can send invites and reminders through the attendance app. This way parents can make changes in their schedules in advance.

An attendance tracker improves planning

The data you get from an attendance tracker app can help you improve scheduling and planning for your school’s calendar of activities. It will help you determine when are the best times for activities such as educational programs, camping and field trips, and other entertainment activities. School communication apps can also be useful in sending out reminders and warnings to parents and guardians. A change in weather can trigger a lot of reactions in kids causing a spike in absenteeism in school. Health and wellness tips can be included in newsletters to avoid the spread of any disease.

Teachers are able to identify the kids who need more help

There are different factors that affect a child’s attendance. Some kids have difficult home lives. Others have financial concerns. Some have issues with their peers and even have problems dealing with authority. All of these contribute to kids not wanting to go to school. So how can schools and teachers respond? The first thing to do is to identify the cause. Have a one-on-one session with the child to know what’s happening. If needed, have the guidance counsellor be involved in the meeting. Parents should also be made aware of the absenteeism so they can be part of the solution.

Rewards and incentives for improved attendance

Students appreciate it when you recognise their efforts. Giving incentives for good attendance is a great way to motivate your students. The rewards don’t have to be expensive. Teachers can ask students what they want as incentives. This way, the prize will be much more valuable to them. Students who show improvement also deserve to be recognised. Make sure to include tardiness in the categories as well, since it also has an adverse effect on student’s learning.

Attendance app for students reveal behavioral patterns

An article by Health Navigator states that 1 in 7 young people in New Zealand experience depressive disorders. It is also said that 1 out of 5 Australians aged 16-85 experience mental illnesses in any year. Teachers and parents need to watch out for red flags in students. These might include symptoms like feigning sickness, lack of participation, poor work completion, and isolation among peers. Without early intervention, those who suffer from it may turn to drugs and alcohol. Some even resort to self-harm, or worse, commit suicide. This is why it’s critical for everyone to take part in checking for signs of depression. Parents, teachers, and students all need to work together to make sure people get the help they need.

Attendance apps help kids realise their importance

Sometimes what kids need is just for someone to pay attention to them. It pays for teachers to foster good relationships with students individually. Students always remember how you made them feel. They need to feel accepted, recognised and cared for. Remember that every child has the capability to excel at academics if given the right support and motivation. So take time to reach out to kids and get to know them. Be genuinely interested in what they have to say. Make sure to check on them if you see any changes in behaviour or if they start skipping classes.


An attendance app has the ability to measure more than just attendance. It can identify underlying problems that kids may have that affects their performance at school. It can also help teachers communicate with their students and strategise better. One thing is for certain. Using an attendance app can encourage kids to stay in school, and even change their lives for the better.

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