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How to Find the Best Educational Apps

Posted January 1, 2017

A quick Google search for ‘educational apps’ or ‘kids learning apps’ will uncover a multitude of software applications, covering everything from subject-based apps (maths, science etc.) to organisational apps for planning, timetabling etc.

Education-based apps fall into many categories, such as virtual classrooms, mental challenge games, language apps, apps for maths, science, reading and other specialty subjects.

It can be hard to know which apps actually deliver on their promise to improve your child's learning outcomes. You can read the reviews in the iOS and Google Play app stores to hear what other parents have to say. The best apps usually deliver educational content with a good dollop of entertainment but be wary of apps that seem worthy but are in fact, just promoting a product or service. The Apple store has a page called ‘kids' that separates apps into age groups and themed sections; ranks them in popularity (both paid and free) and provides helpful notes about the educational goals. 

Moms With Apps is a community that supports ‘the thoughtful use of technology with a family-friendly point of view.’ They encourage projects that support parents and keep kids safe online. Their weekly blog ‘App Friday’ is a great resource for finding good learning apps. Each week, they highlight kids’ educational apps from family-friendly developers and looks at what’s new in tech for children. 

Teachers with Apps is another well-regarded review site that focuses on time well spent and ‘Smart Screentime’. Established back in 2009, it even offers a certification program for developers whose apps ‘prove exemplary in the following areas: content, presentation, and execution, as well as overall user experience’. 

Common Sense Media offer advice on not just apps, but online scams that target children, cyber-bullying, websites and digital life in general. It's a large site with resources for parents and educators. 

Ultimately, your child will be the best judge of an app’s quality—they can be quite discerning in their judgements, even from a young age! Make sure to include them in the process when you are looking at learning apps to download—they are more likely to use an app and reap its benefits if they've had a say in the initial selection. 

So that’s the kids sorted—how about an app that helps parents and teachers communicate quicker and more efficiently? 

Skool Loop is a mobile app that fits in perfectly with the modern, on-the-go lifestyle of busy parents and teachers. No need to log in to a computer or handle written permission slips—Skool Loop gives parents and teachers a quick and easy way to record absences, access the school calendar and contacts list and view newsletters. 

Does your kid’s school have an app like Skool Loop? If not, why not let them know? Skool Loop is a better way for parents and teachers to communicate, coordinate school activities and provide important notifications. Best of all, it’s free to use. 


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