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Skool Loop

New School App Lets Principals Return to Educational Leadership

Posted January 29, 2017

A new school app aimed at helping school principals reduce their administration tasks has made a timely debut into the Australasian market.

Known as Skool Loop, it addresses a leading pain point for school principals who are currently spending an unprecedented amount of time on administrative functions.

Amidst growing concerns around burnout within the school principal profession, the app provides a simple, user-friendly process for schools to quickly and easily stay on track with administrative and communication tasks.

It contains features such as instant messaging, school calendar synchronisation, absentee messaging, newsletters and notices. It’s free, secure, and it doesn’t require any training commitment. Participating schools are also allocated an expert team member who will set the whole thing up for them, free of charge.

A national survey of 929 principals released in Brisbane last month revealed that many principals are working up to 70 hours a week. Many report having lost the joy of the job, as they get bogged down in administration and compliance issues, including those around social media and communications. It’s a situation that prompted Australian Primary Principals Association President Mr Dennis Yarrington to comment: “Principals love their job, but we need to look at changing procedures.”

“We’ve created the app as a way of helping stressed out principals and school administration staff. The research is clear. The most effective school principals are strong educational leaders who are not weighed down with administration. Skool Loop cuts to the heart of the nation’s school principal crisis, by dramatically reducing the amount of administrative time needed to undertake day to day administrative duties” said app founder, Sharlene Barnes.

With fewer teachers than ever putting their hand up to become school principals, the app helps principals reduce stress, cut through red tape and meet benchmarks.

Skool Loop is operated by Australasian company Advert Media. The company aims to provide all Australian schools with this user-friendly technology, free of charge. Dozens of key Australian schools have already taken up the offer. Principals and admin staff who would like more information, can find it at


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