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School Community App: 5 Effective Strategies to Boost Community Ties

Posted February 5, 2017

A school community app can help schools increase their visibility and participation in the local community.

For years, governments have been promoting family-school partnerships. And a school community app can contribute to the children’s learning and development. Families are the greatest influencers in a child’s early learning and development. But schools help nurture and teach the future generation. It is where children learn the sense of community, and also strengthen their educational foundation. Research also shows that effective schools have a higher parental and community involvement rate. So here are five effective strategies on how to level up your community involvement through a school community app.

Get a School Community App to Increase Parent and School Engagement

The good thing about using a school community app is its ability to increase communication and engagement through instant messaging. Parents and teachers can get so busy. And with so many things to do at home and in school, parent-teacher communication can be limited. An attendance app for teachers can make it easier to monitor classroom attendance. With technology, a class attendance app can make it easier to check on students. Creating strategies to help students improve their school performance also becomes much easier.

Host Local Events and Gatherings Involving Different Community Businesses

Fairs and festivals are an awesome way to do this. Local businesses can partner up with student organisations and get help in managing their booths or selling their products. It also gets kids to get to know the people in the community and learn about what they do. They get to ask questions about the business and this provides them with opportunities to experience their field of interest.

Promote Local History by Starting a Living History Program

A school community app features  can help your local community celebrate its milestones and history. It is also a good opportunity for students and children to get to know their roots. Schools can do a regular feature in the newsletter about the community’s landmarks and other establishments. Teachers can make students interview community members and discover the hidden gems of history in your town. They can then create stories showcasing your community’s heritage and document it in the school’s newsletter to help keep the legacy alive.

Create Contests and Potlucks to Build Relationships in the Community

Competitions and contests can be a great way to reach out to the community. It can also create funds and ask for pledges for the school’s’ benefit. Food is one of the easiest ways to connect people. Eating together brings people together, and makes it easier for them to relax and have fun. The school staff also gets the chance to socialise with parents, students, and the community freely. An attendance tracker app can also make it easier for teachers and the school to keep track of people who participate in the events. Doing so can be less intrusive and can give people in the community a better impression.

Publish Success Stories in Your School Newsletter

Students can also document their experiences and share them through the school newsletter. By writing it on paper, students get to process what they learn. Parents, teachers, and other community members can also share their feedback. Relaying information about the events or activities is much easier using the school community app. So what can you do about the feedback you get? Use it, of course. Input from parents, students, and other people in the community is a great way for you to create better strategies in order to build connections and boost ties with the local community. To conclude, creating bonds and strengthening ties with your community is easier with the right set of tools and strategies. And a school community app can make it easier for you to level up your school in your community.

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