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School Mobile App: 5 Important Reasons Why You Need It

Posted February 26, 2017

A school mobile app can make a huge difference in the way you communicate with your school community.

Parents today are a lot busier compared to previous generations. With all the things they need to balance, it can be difficult for them to keep up with their children’s education.

This can be a challenge, especially with all the things that are happening inside the classroom. While parent-teacher meetings are necessary, scheduling them can get difficult.

At Skool Loop, we believe in maximising the use of technology in maintaining clear communication between parents and schools. So today, we’ll be discussing five important reasons why your school needs a mobile app.

A Classroom App Helps Kids Do Better at School

Having a classroom app is convenient for parents and teachers. It can become an easy way for teachers to keep their student’s parents updated with their kid’s performance. And it can also help parents know which areas they need help with.

It becomes easier to create effective strategies when parents and teachers work together.

Scheduling is Easier with a School Mobile App

A school communication app has features that let the school community know about upcoming schedules and events. With just a tap of a button, parents can check the school’s date and events and sync with their calendars for easy access and updates. 

This can make it easier for parents to organize their schedules in advance. Whether it’s their child’s school play or a field trip with their kids, parents will find it easier to schedule in advance.

Scheduling a parent-teacher conference also becomes smoother. With school apps, parents can set an appointment with just a touch of a button.

A School Mobile App Keeps Messaging and Contacts in One Place

With a school mobile app, all contacts and communication between parents and the school staff can be kept in one place.

One helpful feature is push notifications, where you can send one notification to all members of the community. This is especially handy with announcements, urgent changes in schedules, or just to make sure that everyone is up to date with the current events.

It will also be easier for parents and teachers to find the necessary contact information. With a school parent app, you will get one easy list of contacts on your phone for convenience.

A School App Increases Engagement and Trust

Schools can help increase parents’ engagement and participation in constant communication. And having a school app that’s easy to download can do wonders.

Not every parent is tech-savvy, so school apps need to be user-friendly in order to be effective. It should also have features that parents can navigate easily for them to use it often.

A school mobile app can make it easy to send out newsletters to the whole school community. Stay in the loop with news, updates, and other school-related information with a direct link to the school’s newsletter.  

A School Mobile App Helps Ensure your Children’s Safety

Last but not the least, a school mobile app can help improve your kid’s safety and security.

Parents can easily get notified of any abrupt changes like school cancellations or emergencies. Parents and caregivers can also quickly sign forms and permissions slip directly from the app. These are directly sent to the school’s email address and can be stored there directly.

Schools must make it a priority to keep communication between parents and caregivers open. And the Skool Loop App can help you do just that.

Skool Loop is a school mobile app in New Zealand and Australia that gives schools and parents a user-friendly, feature-rich smartphone calendar. It’s a great alternative to web calendars and paper notices that can get lost easily. And because it’s online, integrations with calendars and smartphones have become way easier.

Its features include instant messaging, which is extremely useful for sending out reminders and emergency planning. It also has a school calendar that parents can integrate to theirs for an automated reminder for vital dates throughout the school year.

Skool Loop also provides electronic absentee and permission slips. This makes it easier to keep forms secure and updated without much fuss.

Get all your school’s communication organized in one place.


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