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What Do You Need to Start a School Newsletter?

Posted May 10, 2019

What Do You Need to Start a School Newsletter?

Having a professionally-made school newsletter allows the school to communicate important events and information to both students and their parents in a very quick and efficient way. It also provides the school an opportunity to showcase the skills of its staff and its students to people who may be looking for a school for their own kids. You can consider your school’s official newsletter as both a communication and marketing tool.

With that said, it takes a bit more than just reporting school-related news to make a successful newsletter. Many important elements are needed to ensure that the newsletter is not only informative and useful, but that it also finds its way to the people who need to see it. So if you want your school’s newsletter to be something more than just a mailbox-filler, then you need to get those elements in line. What are these elements? You can check them out via the list we’ve arranged for you below.

1.     A quick and convenient distribution process

Thanks to mobile technology, you don’t necessarily have to rely on the post office or even your school staff to ensure that your newsletter gets distributed properly. All you have to do is distribute a link leading to the newsletter to your students and their parents. You can do this either through SMS, email, or even through your school’s favourite social media network. It’s easier, faster, and definitely friendlier to the environment.

You can also take advantage of school communication apps. These apps are specially designed to streamline the communication process between a student’s parent and the school faculty. Some full-featured ones, such as SkoolLoop, automate tedious processes such as parent-teacher dialogue, absentee notifications, consent form processing and more. Some of these apps should have a feature that notifies the parent immediately of a newly-published school newsletter.

2.     Clear goals

You should also think about the target audience of your newsletter. Are you mainly targeting your current student body, or alumni? Do you want to focus on sporting events, or on your school’s academic excellence? Make sure to lay this out in advance. Depending on your answer, you may need to make multiple newsletters.

3.     Relevant content

A school newsletter needs a lot of fresh content to work. It can’t just regurgitate old news and expect to be read every single time. As such, you need to work closely with students and faculty to collect relevant content between published issues, and to make sure that information is presented in a very easy-to-read way. Consider teaming up with your school’s news organ staff, or even assigning a workgroup in the faculty for the newsletter. If you’re short on staff, you can always ask for volunteers from the student body.

4.     Colourful and detailed images

A good school newsletter should have an equal amount of text and images, otherwise no one is going to bother reading it. For this, you can recruit someone to the newsletter staff who’s handy with a camera and knowledgeable with paper layouts. Photograph relevant events and show off the school grounds. Exhibit the best that the school has to offer, from scenes of student camaraderie and goodwill to exciting school events. By doing this, you’re not only spicing up the content but also doing some heavy marketing for your school.

5.     Readability

We can’t stress this enough: the content you present in your newsletter needs to be very readable. This means that all information should be written in a short and concise manner. Avoid long blocks of text and strange fonts. Even long-form articles should be no longer than 500 to 600 words. Remember, you’re writing for students and parents. If they wanted something longer to read, they’d crack open a newspaper.

6.     Feedback collection

Finally, the last essential element that you need to start a school newsletter is feedback. Get as much feedback about your plans from your faculty to the students. You are investing a lot of time, energy, effort, and resources into publishing the newsletter regularly, so it needs to be useful for as many individuals as possible. Complaints should be considered and resolved, if there are any. Always look to evolve the newsletter to be better than its previous issue.

A newsletter is a vital tool for all educational institutions

It may sound challenging to start a school newsletter, and to be frank, it is. However, by planning in advance and getting the above-listed elements in line beforehand, you’ll have a much easier time getting this project off the ground. You’ll be able to reap the benefits of having a successful newsletter in no time after that.



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