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Students need to be present in school so that they can stay on the same page with the rest of their classmates. A school attendance app helps teachers keep track of student attendance, take note of missed school days, relay absences to guardians, or receive notices of absence from parents. Skool Loop’s absentee messaging feature combines all these functionalities in one place, making it easier for parents and schools to keep track of their students’ attendance and absences.

How Skool Loop’s School Attendance Feature Works

With Skool Loop’s integrated absentee messaging feature, teachers and parents can do the following without needing to download a separate school attendance app: 

  • Take Attendance. A good attendance record is more than just a criterion for getting good grades; it assures parents that their children are in the safety and comfort of the school, and it also helps teachers make sure that their students are all progressing well in their studies. Skool Loop allows teachers to record their students’ attendance at the click of a finger, eliminating the need for cumbersome attendance sheets. At the same time, parents can also rest assured that their children are in school when they need to be there.
  • Notify Parents and Teachers of Absences. Parents and teachers have the joint responsibility of making sure that their students are attending classes and that their performance is on par with the rest of their peers. Parents must send their children to school or inform teachers if their child will be absent, while teachers should check if their students are present in their classes. Skool Loop allows parents and the school to immediately notify each other if a student is unable to attend class on a particular date. This way, teachers and parents know exactly where their students are, and they can take steps to help students avoid absences and make up for lost days in school. 
  • Sign Forms and Permission Slips. There are a lot of things that can go wrong with paper-based permission slips and sign forms. The paper can be lost or misplaced, or parents and teachers may be too busy to keep track of the forms they give out and receive. A school communication app with digital sign forms and permission slips eliminates this risk by allowing parents and teachers to directly send and accept forms that need their approval. Skool Loop ensures that sign forms will be seen by their intended audience and that they will be submitted right on time.
  • Communicate with Critical Contacts. Teachers often have to deal with different sets of students year after year, making it difficult for them to keep track of which parent or guardian to contact in case a student misses class. Skool Loop helps ease this burden by keeping an organised and secured list of critical contacts. This way, teachers can get in touch with the right guardian or parent with only a few clicks.

Make Absentee Messaging Easy with the Right App

Stay on top of student absences with Skool Loop. Get in touch with us today and enjoy a better way of checking attendance, reporting absences, and sending and signing permission slips. Call us at 1800 203 493 (Australia) or 0800 238 379 (New Zealand) to find out more about how we can help parents and teachers communicate with each other. Send us a message using our Contact Us page. 

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