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Skool Loop

Report absences easily through your mobile phone

Now it’s easier to connect and communicate with teachers and track students’ attendance with Skool Loop’s Smart school attendance app.

How does it work?

Skool Loop functions as an easy classroom attendance app that parents and teachers can use to communicate effectively. With just a few taps of a button, this attendance tracker app can notify teachers of students who won’t be attending the school for the day and even take care of the forms and paperwork needed.

Easy Attendance Tracking and Absentee Messaging

Skool Loop can act as an attendance app for teachers who will get notified directly of their student’s absences.

With absentee messaging, parents and caregivers can now contact teachers to give them an update though direct dial, email, or text.

Permission Slips

Parents and caregivers can also sign forms and permissions slips directly through Skool Loop’s attendance app feature. Once the forms have been completed and electronically signed, it can then be emailed directly to the school’s chosen email address.

Best of all, these forms are recorded and secured in the attendance tracker app’s database.

Secure Access to Critical Contacts  

This class attendance app also provides you with a list of important websites, phone numbers and email addresses of crucial contacts within the school.  

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