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Skool Loop

Learn about the latest developments and events related to a school with Skool Loop, Australia and New Zealand’s highest-rated school communications app. Apart from being a powerful yet easy-to-use communications app, Skool Loop is also a highly-capable school newsletter app, giving parents access to their child’s school’s regular newsletters.

Skool Loop’s intuitive layout makes accessing school newsletters simple. Now relevant news about the school and its community is just a few taps away. The app also offers several other features and services that allow parents and teachers to keep up with updates, events, and other news related to their child’s school.

How Skool Loop's Newsletter Feature Works

Well-made and well-circulated newsletters help bring the entire school community together. Here’s why parents and schools appreciate the newsletter feature found in Skool Loop:

  • Enjoy Better Visibility and Access. As soon as users install Skool Loop on their device, they get instant access to the school’s newsletter. There’s no need to use a search engine or subscribe to a feed or a blog that a parent or teacher will probably forget in a few days. They will be able to check out updates to the school newsletter as soon as the publication arrives.
  • Enjoy Better Security Compared to Emails. Email subscriptions are a popular way to distribute links to online newsletters but there are serious concerns over their security. Sometimes a parent’s contact details might be visible to people they don’t know and misuse of emails is a common issue. Skool Loop, on the other hand, gives a direct link right on the app, doing away with the need for emails. This means parents and teachers can view their child’s school’s newsletters with the confidence that their data is safe.
  • Helps the School Become More Environmentally Friendly. Schools all over Australia and New Zealand have partnered with Skool Loop partly to reduce their need for paper. School forms and newsletters use up a lot of paper, and many parents appreciate how digital newsletters can help save the environment.
  • Get It for Free. No one wants to have to pay to look at school newsletters. In contrast to many other school communications apps, Skool Loop is free. The app is maintained through ad revenue, with each ad pre-approved by the child’s school. This means that ads are not only safe but also more relevant to the local community.
  • Access It On A Smartphone. Skool Loop was developed specifically to work on both Android and iOS devices, ensuring that users can receive the latest updates and newsletters from their child’s school, regardless of what phone they own.

Create or View  School Newsletters with Skool Loop

Download Skool Loop on iOS or Android device to get started. After downloading the app, install it and choose the child’s school from an expanding list of schools in Australia and New Zealand. If the child’s school is partnered with Skool Loop and has a newsletter, users should have access to a direct link of the online school newsletter through the app. Simply tap on the newsletter option on the app’s home screen to be taken to the school’s newsletter.

For enquiries about Skool Loop, leave a message on our Contact Us page or call 1800 203 493 (Australia) or 0800 238 379 (New Zealand).

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