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Sending notices is a time-consuming job, but it’s something that teachers need to do daily. There’s simply no getting around it, but Skool Loop can make the task of sending notices much easier for teachers and parents alike. Designed for efficiency, our school notices feature can send instant messages to parents, students, and teachers automatically alongside any school announcements or files. 

How Skool Loop’s School Notices Feature Works

Skool Loop is a parent-school communications app with an integrated school notices feature. Parents and schools that use Skool Loop can do the following without needing to download a separate school notices app:

  • Reinforce School Lessons at Home. Teachers can help parents become more involved in their children’s education by letting them know that the child has homework or upcoming exams. Aside from informing parents of what the students are up to in school, timely notices can also encourage parents to be more proactive in helping their kids develop good study habits. This, in turn, helps students perform consistently well in class.
  • Set and Attend Meetings. Arranging a meeting between parents and teachers can be quite tricky due to how busy their schedules can be. The school calendar can help them find common ground, and a notice from the school can remind them that they are scheduled to meet on a specific date. This will help ensure that both parties can attend their meeting or give word ahead of time if they won’t make it.
  • Take Note of Absences. One of the responsibilities of a teacher is taking class attendance. If one of their students is absent, teachers can simply send notice to the guardian and enquire about the student. At the same time, parents can give teachers notice if a student won’t be able to go to school on a particular day or if they will not be able to join certain activities.
  • Promote School Events. Sometimes, a little push is all that is needed to encourage parents, teachers, and students to participate in school activities. Notices can be used to hype up the school community prior to an event, and giving them updates about the progress of the project can help the community develop a sense of ownership over the event. In addition, sending out notices on the day of the event itself can encourage people to take part in the activities.
  • Prepare for Emergencies. Notices are also suited for emergencies, as they can be sent to groups instantly. As such, notices are useful for announcing emergencies, class cancellations, and events that require the immediate attention of a parent or teacher. 

Send and Receive All School Notices in One App

Notices have many uses in a school setting, but they can be difficult to disseminate and keep track of. Skool Loop’s school notices feature takes care of this by sending out notices to the concerned individuals whenever there are announcements or files that need to be shared with them. This way, parents and teachers can rest assured that they’ll be kept in the loop about their students.

Have an easy time sending out and receiving notices with Skool Loop. Call us at 1800 203 493 (Australia) or 0800 238 379 (New Zealand) to find out more about how parents, teachers, and the school can make the most out of our parent-school communication app. 

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