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Skool Loop

Never miss out on important school notifications ever again with Skool Loop. Skool Loop is a complete communications tool for schools and the community and also one of the best push notification apps for schools in Australia and New Zealand.

With this easy-to-use app, parents and guardians can instantly receive—and immediately see—relevant messages straight from their child’s school. It’s an essential tool for reminders, announcements, and emergency planning. Apart from this, it also has a host of other useful features so parents are always on top of important events and developments in their child’s school. The app also includes security features to protect the users’ contact information and prevent misuse by unauthorised parties.

Why Parents Will Love Skool Loop’s Push Notifications Features

While push notifications are similar to text messages and email, these messages are only sent to those who have installed the Skool Loop app to their phones. This offers several key advantages over text messaging and emails.

  • Get Easy-To-Notice Alerts and Reminders. The first and most important benefit of push notifications is that in contrast to emails or text messages, they tend to be far more visible. The message will appear to users from an app distinct from their email or text messaging app, making it far less likely to be unnoticed. They should also be able to see the notification on their phone’s lock screen. The downloaded Skool Loop app also does not need to be turned on for parents and teachers to be able to receive the message.
  • Enjoy Better Data Privacy. Another advantage of push notifications is improved data privacy. Email chains and text messages can create the potential for data privacy breaches by allowing different respondents to see each other’s contact information. There may also be limits to how many messages could be sent through either method, increasing the possibility that parents may not receive an important message in time, or at all.
  • Avoid Thread Hijacking. Push notifications also help prevent the thread hijacking that can often happen in conventional email chains. With Skool Loop, parents provide the school with a secure login so that the school can send them a notification. This eliminates the possibility of email or text message chains from being misused by other users in the group. When parents and teachers get a push notification through Skool Loop, they can be sure that it’s an official message from the school.
  • Use Any Smartphone With Skool Loop. Lastly, it doesn’t matter what type of device the app users are using. So long as they can install the Skool Loop app (compatible with iOS and Android), they will be able to receive these notifications. 


Get Push Notifications Direct from Your Child’s School with Skool Loop

To install Skool Loop, simply download the app for  Android or iOS smartphones. After downloading Skool Loop, parents may then provide the school with a secure login through the app. Simply choose the child’s school from a growing list of schools in Australia and New Zealand. After giving the school permission to send them messages, users should be able to instantly receive important alerts and notifications from the school.

Stay on top of everything that happens in the school and keep personal data safe at the same time. Use our Contact Us page to get in touch with us or to download Skool Loop for  Android or iOS device.

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