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Skool Loop

Never Miss Meetings with this School Teacher Calendar

Skool Loop helps the school community manage schedules better with our parent teacher calendar and makes important communications between parents, caregivers, and teachers a breeze.

Easy Access Student Calendar App

Get easy access to up-to-date school information including events, engagements, and vital dates throughout the year.

It can also be used as a homework calendar app where students, parents, and teachers can get updates of project status and deadlines.

Set Meetings Whenever Available

Sync online calendars and easily view dates available to avoid potential clashes in scheduling.

This awesome parent teacher calendar helps make sure that students get ample support from parents and teachers and also keeps track of their learning progress.

Receive push notifications of important activities and events

Skool Loop is the best school calendar app to use to send out updates to the school community.

Our team of content managers can help populate and maintain the school calendar app with promotional materials, announcements, and important details that will be sent instantly with no monthly limits.

It also provides statistics and information that the school can use to keep track of how well the school calendar app is being used.

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