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Skool Loop

The Skool Loop content managers populate all school calendars, so there is no extra work for the school. We can integrate with your school Google Calendar or take content from a weekly newsletter, the choice is yours. Our aim is to ensure that it is no extra work in providing the information for your school calendar app to what you are currently doing.

Promotional material is provided to you, making it easy for you to promote your school calendar app to the school community. Each term the school is provided with statistics, ensuring the school can keep a close eye on how well their school calendar app is being used.

How Skool Loop’s School Calendar Works

With Skool Loop’s calendar feature, parents and teachers can do the following without needing to use a separate school calendar: 

  • Set Meetings with Ease. Arranging meetings between students, parents, teachers, and other school staff can be quite challenging without knowing the other person’s schedule. An updated calendar can show class hours and other activities, which can help both parties find the best time to set a meeting. Using Skool Loop’s school calendar, parents can reserve specific hours for parent-teacher interviews instead of queueing all afternoon. In addition to scheduling meetings, the calendar can also be used to reserve equipment and rooms for class or club activities.
  • Select an Audience. There are events, like class cancellations and school holidays, that everyone in the school should know, but there are also activities that only concern specific groups like classes, clubs, and year levels. Skool Loop’s school calendar can be customised so that an event can only be viewed by certain groups of people or individuals. This feature makes the calendar easier to organise and helps ensure that the event will be seen by its intended audience.
  • Automatically Sync Calendars. Skool Loop’s calendar can be synchronised with the calendars that parents, students, and teachers use. This means that their calendars are automatically updated to include the activities set by the school and that they can easily see the events they need to be present for. Access to class schedules can be a great help to parents who want to set a meeting with a teacher or school staff. This offers both parents and teachers more opportunities to collaborate and keep each other updated on their student’s progress and activities in and out of school.
  • Promote Events and Activities. The school calendar is one of the best places to announce activities like field trips, exam days, and school holidays. Skool Loop’s school calendar goes beyond showcasing upcoming events; it also sends push notifications to individuals. This ensures that everyone has the chance to read about the school’s latest events and activities. 

Make the Most Out of School Calendars with Skool Loop

School calendars are a powerful tool for keeping the entire community up-to-date with the school’s latest events. Skool Loop’s integrated calendar makes it easy for anyone to set meetings and appointments, announce activities to the entire school or to selected groups, and even encourage students and parents to attend events hosted by the school. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy the benefits of this robust school calendar. Call us at 1800 203 493 (Australia) or 0800 238 379 (New Zealand) to find out more about Skool Loop and the app’s features.

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