Always Be in the Loop with Skool Loop: The Best School Message App

Easy-to-use school communication app for parents and teachers


In the age of smartphones, a school communication app makes it easier for parents and teachers to discuss the things that matter most for their kids.

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About Skool Loop

 Skool Loop is a school reminder app that has been developed as a vital school tool for  parents and teachers throughout Australia and New Zealand. It helps parents get the latest updates about events, including school term dates, parent-teacher meetings, and other activities at their children’s schools.


 How does it work?

Skool Loop’s aim is to ensure that parents are provided with all the current school information and give you the chance to include these activities in your weekly schedule.

Content managers oversee the school message app with content and schedules from the school calendar and integrate it with an online version like Google Calendar. The content can range from all school calendars, weekly newsletters, and promotional materials for the school community.


 Push Notification Features

 Never miss important events with this school reminder app.

 With push notifications, parents, teachers, and the school community can receive instant messages and reminders of the school’s upcoming events. It’s also a handy tool for reminders, announcements, and emergency planning.  

Security Features

Schools are provided with a login portal along with a username and password as added protection. This ensures that all information sent from the school to the school community remains secure.

 School Contacts

This school parent app also provides you with a list of contacts that is easy to maintain and is readily available on your phone for your convenience.


How to get the app

 Getting this school communication app is so easy.

 All you have to do is click here to download yours for free today!

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