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Skool Loop

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The feed back from parents has been great as they have all the information at hand literally. We are looking forward to utilising the new enhancements also ie school interviews in due course once our numbers increase so great to see that now being an option.

The support service I receive for loading up our calendar info is fantastic so keep up the fabulous work. Also its easy to use for sending out notifications and hope to use the permission lists tab soon also.

We love it ☺”

Tracey Hill
Office Manager - Porirua East School

I love the Skool Loop app, it is so easy to work with and you are so efficient, thank you!”

Anne Miller
School Administration Manager - Rocky River Public School

The Skool Loop App has helped our school communicate to our parents & whanau so easily, the ease of the app makes it so convenient to contact our parents who can get their notices on their phones so quickly. Notices such as school closing early or the bus will be late back to school have been so helpful to us, instead of calling parents or parents calling the school, this app just lets me send one message, which everyone receives, & it takes less than 5mins, it’s so easy to use - love this app!”

Lua Afakasi
Principal's PA/Office Manager - Sir Douglas Bader Intermediate School

After changing from a paid app we are finding the Skool Loop App much easier to use and has been well received by parents. It is so easy to communicate playing times for sports events via the groups, and the notices are so easy and much better than paper. We love having our newsletter and calendar on there too.”

Pip Labao
Administrator - Kiwitahi School

We would love to use Skool Loop again this year. Lots of parents said how wonderful it was to be able to access our newsletters and permission forms on their phone. We can't wait to start using push notifications this year as well.

Thank you very much!”

Mark Powter
Yanco Public School

Skool Loop is great for getting our newsletter to not just our immediate families but also reaching our extended whanau. We are finding more parents are using the absentee notification which means less phone calls coming into the school :) and we have just started using the permission notice link which will be great for all those students who "misplace" their paper copy! As the sole office person in a growing school, I'd hate to be without Skool Loop :)”

Nikki Shea
Office Administrator - Paerata School

We have just taken The Skool Loop App on this year. Our parents are taking it on board.
I love the new reporting feature from the permission notes - we were printing all of them out - now we don’t have to.
I haven't checked the absent form yet but I bet that will be good too.”

Paul Teunis
Brooklyn Public School

The app has been working really well for us, and that download number accords with the total amount of children at the school so that is good!”

Calum MacLeod
Relieving Assistant Principal (Support) - Kemblawarra Public School

Your Skool Loop App has been a wonderful communication tool for parents and whanau to keep in touch with us on a daily basis. We are so appreciative to have this!
Thank you!”

Jo Wilson
Office Administrator - Paihia School

Tau ke (Awesome) te Skool Loop app! It's super easy to use! The support from the "Skool Loop" experts is timely and effective. I love how quick and easy it is to create notices and permission slips! Fast - effective - easy to use & it's free! All the things any busy school needs! Our whanau/parents find it easy to use too!”

Marylouise Macpherson-Hall
Principal | Kaingaroa Forest School

The Skool Loop App has been amazing for us. Parents send absenteeism notice through easy and it gives us away to collect evidence of this through the app emailing the teacher and our student admin. Being able to upload notices to distribute information quicker is great. It is wonderful that the content team is readily available to upload my school pānui each week, which I totally appreciate. In addition to that, the new upgrades are awesome too.”

Marama Hune
Tumuaki | Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Piripono

It has made it simple to put our activities up – just email to Skool Loop and it is done! Also love that parents can let us know about children being absent, no phone call required”

Lynette Braithwaite
Office Manager/Principal PA - Mountview School

We are finding Skool Loop a great tool to keep families and friends informed, it is such a great tool. Been important for our permission forms as well, with lots of events on.”

Kevin Meikle
Senior Team Leader - Birdwood School

I love this app, it makes my job easier by getting to all those families with the app downloaded in one hit!!!”

Liz Marr
Office Administrator - St Joseph’s Catholic School Matata

Skool Loop has helped us to have another avenue of communication with our parents. It has been fantastic in the way that parents can get instant updates for emergencies with the push notifications to their phones. This is especially important for us as we are a rural school and parents are out working on their farms, without access to computers/emails.
Not only does Skool Loop allow us to communicate with our school parents, but with the wider community as a whole. We are a small rural community and our school participates in a lot of community activities, and we have a lot of people from the community helping within our school. It's a fantastic way for the wider community to stay in touch with what is happening within the school if they don't have a child here who receives the notices.

We are super excited about trying out the school interview part of the app this term!

Thanks for a great app!”

Maxine Haigh
Office Manager | Norsewood and Districts' School

Skool Loop is a great asset for our remote rural school, with patchy mobile service from staff phones, so that if we have a power cut or similar emergency, we are easily able to get in touch with our families. Not to mention all the other fantastic features.”

Janet Ness
Prinicipal - Kuratau School

Skool Loop has transformed our working lives. Before Skool Loop it was very difficult to get messages through to our parents. They can now easily read notifications on the app at any time. Absentee notifications are coming in more often now that parents can quickly notify us via their phones. We are going to try the Parent/Teacher Interview system next year. This will save us hundreds of dollars and again, parents are more likely to book early using their phones. It seems that these days PHONES RULE and SKOOL LOOP RULES.”

Leonie Sykes
Verran Primary School

I just wanted to express how pleased we are with our Skool Loop app! We especially love the new features you have just added to improve our absentee forms from parents!
Well done this is awesome.

Through this app we are able to keep our families informed of upcoming events and notices. We have found the permission function extremely beneficial too!

So keep up this great service – we are delighted with this app.”

Woodleigh School

We have really loved our change to Skool Loop. It is so much easier for parents to receive instant messages.”

Jo Stanley
St Joseph's Cathedral school

Skool Loop has helped have a clear communication platform to all our parent and community support groups .
The Skool loop app is easy and a simple way of getting the relevant information out to families.”

Natal Hutchins
Hokitika Primary

Skool Loop has helped us to get (very close to) 100% of our parents responding to permission slips for trips and events. Prior to Skool Loop our office admin was ringing the whanau to get permission - so a huge time saver! Thank you”

Sue Taylor
Principal - Omakere School

The Skool Loop App has opened up possibilities for our school that were not available before. Now we are able to communicate important messages to parents in an instant, save ourselves and parents time with electronic permission notes and absentee notifications, and by printing less we are saving resources and keeping costs down too.”

Lisa Woodward
Technology Support Officer & Publicity - Portland Central School

We find it an excellent way to contact our community who are often very hard to contact by phone but very often have their phones in hand! Its a great app thanks.”

Ciara Parsons
Principal's PA | Kelvin Road School

Our Students, Staff and Board of Trustees would like to thank you for providing us the Skool Loop App. At Upokongaro School, we value our school community and understand the importance of information being easily accessed for our parents. Skool Loop has allowed us to do this by providing an easy to use platform that gives parents relevant, up to date information on their phones instantly. Therefore, it has allowed us to reach our community faster, thank you. It allows parents to connect with us through text messages making our office more efficient and frees up staff. We also appreciated the sponsorship sourced by you, from local businesses. This enables us to have a better connection with our wider community. We look forward to your continued support and working with you in the future.”

Lyana Gascoigne
Office Administrator - Upokongaro School

It has been a great help with keeping Whanau updated with our school events on the calendar as well as the permission forms & notices.
The team are super fast at loading our newsletter up and I’m really excited to try out the interview Function at the start of next week.”

Josie Woon
Takaro School

Skool Loop is working so well for us ... we have just has our Year 7 Camp and Year 8 EOTC week. We were very easily able to communicate with parents/caregivers about the activities, and it was great to be able to keep them updated on the bus return times. Thank you!”

Nicki Packer
Principal's P.A. - Bruce McLaren Intermediate School

The School Loop App has allowed us to empower our community by providing an information and communication tool within an environment that is convenient and simple to use.
Our parents love the App on their phone and we love the opportunity to communicate quickly and efficiently with groups and/or the whole school.”

Chris Herrick
Principal/Tumuaki - Birchwood School

Skool Loop has certainly made parent contact about absentees easier and for those parents who have opted in they are enjoying the ability to receive their newsletters to their phones and they like the way they can merge their calendars with the schools events.”

Kim McKenzie
Principal - Omarama School

Skool Loop is great for when you remember something you should have told the students just as they leave on the school bus and you can still get that memo out easily to all parents - before the kids even get home!!”

Rachelle Haslegrave
Principal - Tarras School

I installed the Skool Loop App and advised parents. The very next day I had parents using it for absences! I was so happy to see it being used straight away! Thank you Skool Loop App!!!”

Lisa Zegwaard
Office Manager - Southcity Christian School

The Skool Loop App is easy to use for staff and easy for parents to access. Newsletters can be viewed by our parent community, also the dates are easily accessible to show activities that are being done. Being free is also another bonus, as in the past, this was an additional expense for us as a school. Keep being awesome!”

Hayley Mitcheson
Principal - Knapdale School

In our community, mobile phone service is a bit of a bug bear and makes it difficult for parents to contact us and vice versa (especially with many families no longer having landlines). The Skool Loop app has been great as it allows parents to use it while on WiFi. Also - communication re notices and absences, newsletters etc has greatly improved, and we find we send more 'notices' now days as it is so easy to get on The Skool Loop App and push a notification out. Plus parents are being updated while on the go or at work - so they know what is going on before the kids get home with a paper notice and can refer to it at any time. Communication all round has increased and we have very little, if any, parents to ring re absences as they have many ways in which they can contact us within the app. Thanks Skool Loop, you have made our lives easier, which we are always very grateful for! (:”

Ruth Martin
Executive Officer - South Westland Area School

We have used The Skool Loop App for notifications of sausage sizzles reminders, fundraising, change of Term events. Our weekly school newsletter from the Principal is sent via Skool Loop to all parents. Most importantly of all Skool Loop was a great way to notify parents when we were in lock down during the terrorist attacks in March.”

Anthea Kitson
Office Administrator - St Michael’s Church School

The Skool Loop App has helped us become a one stop shop!!! No more class blogs for info, it’s all on the app. It’s the platform you can go to and access all other information we have. Positive feedback from parents- they love it!”

Julie Flannery
Deputy Principal - St Gerards School, Alexandra

It's made it easier for me to get pānui out to my whānau asap and notices from outside agencies. I like the ease of use and even our kaumātua can use it. It’s fabulous!”

Marama Hune
Tumuaki/Principal - Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Piripono

The simplicity of The Skool Loop App has meant that we have been able to get even our most technophobe parents on board. A great way to communicate!”

Kirsteen Mudie
Upper Atiamuri School

Tapora School has found The Skool Loop App a brilliant way to contact parents and for parents to contact us. From newsletters to notices, it is a quick, easily accessible way to communicate. Parents notify us of absences or changes in pickups via the app. The team are easy to contact and very helpful.”

Sandy Dodd
Office Administrator - Tapora Primary School

The Skool Loop App has made it easier to communicate with our parents via the newsletter. We had found that some children would forget to give parents the newsletter and when they finally did it was old news. We have also used it for sending out reminder notices or urgent notices.”

Gail Pickering
Office Manager - Levin School

The Skool Loop App has been a god send for us here at Maihiihi School as we are a rural school and community, many of our families are super busy and don't have time to read notices and newsletters. By having The Skool Loop App they are now able to look at these from their phones. The absentee system has been great as parents can now message us when their kids are away and this can be done from anywhere at any time (even from the cow shed). Thanks heaps Skool Loop you have made our lives here so much easier and stress free.”

Juliette Riddell
Office Administrator - Maihiihi School

Skool loop has been such a time saver for us. It means we can get urgent messages out to our families when we need to. An example of this is when the roads are going to flood and we need to close the school. We used to have to ring every family personally but now we can send out one message. We love it!!”

Charmaine Taplin
Principal - Kahutara School

Skool Loop helps us get time sensitive messages out to parents because it goes straight to their phone, and everyone has their phone handy. It has also helped parents to get permission forms in to school when they have forgotten / lost the paper version. One student almost missed a school trip but the last minute sending of the permission form via The Skool Loop App meant they got to go.”

Wayne Donnellon
Principal - Roto-o-Rangi School

At St Joseph's School Feilding, we find The Skool Loop App comes into its own especially for urgent messages, eg. sport cancellations and last minute timetable changes and for urgent requests for transport or help as it is instant. We have used it to put out reasonably urgent requests for support of various types if a school family is in need. Last minute reminders to parents of cut-off dates & times work well too. It’s also great to get early absences before teachers take their rolls.”

Mary Howard
Office Administrator - St Joseph's School Feilding

The Skool Loop App is fantastic as parents know when events are taking place, no more lost pieces of paper. It has been easy for our parents to use.”

Margaret Wood
Principal - Ballance School

We highly value sustainability at our school. One of our key areas for development has been to become much more considerate of the resources that we use including paper, which is a big deal for schools. Skool Loop has not only streamlined the permission and notices processes, but also helped us to dramatically decrease the amount of paper we are using and sending home.”

Gareth Swete
Principal - Sawyers Bay School

The Skool loop App enables us to communicate in real time with our parents. The admin interface is quick and easy to use. By setting up groups we are able communicate effectively, ensuring the message goes to the people who need to see it.”

Marina Binns
St John’s School Mairangi Bay

The Skool Loop App is great for communication with families as it's instantaneous information sharing! We can send as much or as little information as we require, including attachments. It really is a great app.”

Cornerstone Christian Early Learning Centre

The Skool Loop App has been a great talking point when new parents come to visit the school. Everyone wants to feel like a part of the community and having notices, school newsletters and announcements directly in their pocket goes a long way to cultivate this! I love the convenience of just sending something via email to appear on the app.”

Waitati School

The Skool Loop App has been a great way for us to be able to share things with parents. I like it as it’s very easy to add notices and to use in general, also I like when I send the newsletter, it gets uploaded without having to wait. Thanks for a great app for our school!!!”

Adele Sharp
Bunnythorpe School

The Skool Loop App has helped us to be able to contact our families quickly and effectively. It’s a very easy application to use and its helped our school in a very positive way.”

Thornbury School

The Skool Loop App has almost increased our permission slip return by 100%, which is amazing!!!!!”

Maria Paul
Waioneke School

Skool Loop helps keep our school in the loop which is awesome, thank you.”

Collette Cawood
Tokoroa North School

We are loving our Skool Loop app - messages are instant and our parents are really appreciating the information quickly from us.”

Colleen Allison
Longford Intermediate School

Favourite feature is the Notices, we love it as this is the fastest way to contact parents for any information, 98% of our parents are now on this and love it too. Quick, smart, instant information. Skool loop is great for the school and parents.

Thank you so much, we truly appreciate this.”

Administrator - Waitomo Caves School

We love the Skool Loop app as it makes communicating with our school community quick and easy. It's an extra way to make sure important notices and information is getting through. The app is really easy to use and there is always someone in the Skool Loop background ready with support if needed.”

Shelley Wilson
Shirley Primary School

We have just got The Skool Loop App up and running and have already had comments around how easy it is to use. It helps our parents stay up to date, is easy for the school to put out notifications and gives parents options for contacting the school. We are loving the app!”

Iona Clarke
Arohanui Special School

Our home and school have a group on the app and this is how our minutes and other information is distributed! Love it!”

Deidre Senior
Weston School

The Skool Loop app has been a great addition to how we communicate with our community. Many of our parents are on their smartphones more and more so through Skool Loop they have ready access to important notices and our weekly newsletter. We love it!”

Rachel Weinberg
Westbrook School

In terms of helping us communicate with parents The Skool Loop App is great. We have recently started to use the permission part of the app and have a few parents who have used it to respond to trips we have coming up. The team are always very quick and helpful when I ask a question or send through our school newsletter or an urgent notice for the app. I have it loaded on my phone for here, but also for Andersons Bay School where my youngest attends. I promote the app via our newsletter and we currently have the permissions instructions in our newsletter in the hope that more parents will sign up to that. Keep up the good work!”

Lynne Binns
Portobello School

The best feature is the ease and speed with which we can communicate with our whānau and vice versa through a platform they are all in to.”

Maria Sheridan
Principal - Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Ngā Uri a Māui

Our favourite feature in using Skool Loop app is being able to send permission slips to parents and get responses instantly.”

Melanie Reid
Office Administrator - Kaihere School

Lincoln Heights School recently began using the Skool Loop app and we are very pleased with the result.

The app is an ideal electronic method of communicating with our school community in a timely fashion.

The free app is user friendly easily accessable.

The ongoing support from Skool Loop app staff is consistently efficient and responsive, making them a pleasure to interact with.

We would highly recommend using this app as a method of instant communication.”

Jill Taylor
Executive Officer - Lincoln Heights School

The Skool loop is proving very very successful, parents like it - even Dads!”

Kaz Bissett
Principal / Tumuaki | Waiwera South School / Te Kura o Waiwera South

We love having Skool Loop it has changed our lives!!”

LaVonne Cottle
Office Administrator - Weber School Office

We LOVE Skool Loop, and would never want to be without it now!”

Tana Klaricich
Principal - SOUTH FEATHERSTON Town and Country School

Using Skool Loop has been fantastic! It has been so easy to set up and use.

I think most of our families are using it now and many have commented on how efficient it is.

Thank you for making it all so easy for us at this end.”

Kathryn Sim
Duntroon School

Love Love Love the app! We have lots more families on now and it is our go to for getting everything out. I use it most days.

Wouldn't hesitate in recommending this to others.

Was also a great tool to use in the latest terror attack situation where we had to urgently get messages to parents. Parents really appreciated getting the text alert updates during the lockdown 👍👍”

Rebecca Taylor
Principal PA /BOT Secretary - Queenspark School

Our community are getting on board with the Skool app. Our office lady is good at checking in with people so I think that will help with the uptake. So easy to use.
Really appreciate the support we have had with the app.Thanks so much, Jo”

Jo Barlow
Principal - St James School

Skoolloop is a vital communications channel that we extensively used in the recent lockdown experienced in Christchurch. Having it as one of our methods to communicate with whānau, this ensured that the messaging got through multiple times each time a message was sent.”

Shane Buckner
Tumuaki | Principal - Wairakei School

The Skool Loop App has created a platform for the school to communicate effectively and efficiently with parents through the push notifications and also providing easy access to the weekly newsletter. In addition, parents have the convenience of messaging the school with their child/dren's absenteeism.”

Abraham Atherton
Principal | Tumuaki - St Albans Catholic School

We have only just started using the Push Notifications feature of Skool Loop this year and are finding it very beneficial so far.

It was especially useful during the prolonged lock down we recently experienced but we do need to get more parents on board with using it. I will keep promoting it in our newsletter so hopefully more parents will sign up.”

Pam Clemett
School Administrator - South New Brighton School

I love the push notifications

Easy to use and fast

Highly recommend.”

Scot Kinley
Principal - Bromley School

Favourite parts of the App:

Instant notices
Newsletters available to read
Absences can be sent via it
Calendar facility
School Contacts at your fingertip

To summarise - If all parents take the time to download the app information is available to them in an instant!

So exciting - Thank you”

Mahana School

We looked at loads of different options – but decided in the end the free version was just as good, if not better than the others as it is NZ based and very simple to use.”

Daniel Wilson
PRINCIPAL - Nayland College

Took the about 30 minutes for it to be set up and it's super easy to use.”

Maria Paul
Office Manager - Waioneke School

We love the Skool Loop app - easy to use and parent friendly.”

Tania Pringle
Principal - Seddon School

So far the feedback has been very positive, with members of our board and community saying how useful the app is. It's interesting from our point of view, that some of our parents, who have traditionally been very hard to get permissions slips returned from, have been replying very quickly.”

Owen Corlett
Principal - Lichfield School

We love the new app, its going awesomely well. Love the permission slip and how easy it is to use.”

Troy Anderson
Principal - Rongotea School

I have appreciated the ease with which the communications are done - even the option of attaching flyers. The very first permission slip we used had immediate responses.”

Jono Hendricks
Principal - Glen Innes School

We are going really well with the app, felt we were doubling up a lot of information to start with but now that most families are using the app this should make communication so much easier.”

Mimi School

We find the app very beneficial and an awesome way to get information to the parents rapidly! I mean to say who doesn't have a smart phone these days!!??”

Wendy Jordan
Office Administrator, BOT Secretary - Pukeatua School

Snow days, sports days, cheese rolls, chess.
Instant messaging on Skool Loop’s the best.
Whether its a note about camp or rain.
Instant messages save a lot of pain!”

Brent Caldwell
Principal - Mornington School

Skool Loop app was able to be used the day we had to close our school because we had no water or power. We have a bore and a pump.

Without power we have no water.

So when Counties Power told me that it was a long term outage I was able to use the Skool Loop app because my phone battery was running out of power – (also had no power at home) to contact our parents.

We only had a few families turn up for school on that day, which demonstrated how effective the Skool Loop had been!”

Merillees Nicholls
Principal - Pukekohe East School

The instant alerts is reaching 57 families - that's most of our school and when deadlines are looming we use the alert and in come the responses.
The latest was fundraising pie order deadline - the forms came in!
Chess club tournament - used the alert to remind parents to sign the permission slips and in came the slips!

It is invaluable”

Linda Larsen
Principal - Te Poi School

Skool Loop has given our school another avenue to be able to communicate with our community. I love that we can set up groups to target the messages needing to be sent. Feedback from our school community has been positive so far. It's a great way to use today's popular technology to communicate.”

Tracey Moore
Kaiapoi Borough School

We love Skool Loop push notifications. We can easily reach our school community with notices regarding sport cancellations, delayed arrivals back from trips, important reminders and much more.

Thanks Skool Loop!”

Paul Tyson
Deputy Principal - Marshland School

We have used instant alerts for late buses and postponed events and cancelled sports training. It is so much easier and quicker to get the message to those who need it.”

Julie Staniland
Ohope Beach School

Recently Rahotu School community experienced a tornado that ripped through our village. Using SKOOL LOOP was a means in which we could make contact with our whanau and keep them informed of our school closure and when we had reopen. A great means of communication and instant.”

Brigitte Luke
Rahotu Primary School

We started using the free Skool Loop app earlier this term. Right from the start the Skool Loop team have been amazing.
Their communication with us has been excellent. They have been there to help us through each step of the process. The use of the Skool Loop app is incredibly simple and highly effective.
I wish we had started using this instant notification system sooner!”

Garth Powell
Assistant Principal - East Taieri School

Communication and service is excellent. Staff are friendly, helpful and efficient.

Functions are great and easy to apply.
Yes, we would, and do recommend to other schools.

We love the app and so do the parents who have downloaded it. We are constantly reminding parents to download and when they do they are hooked, especially with reminders and cancellations.

On our Ngaruawahia Community Facebook page several parents have commented and encourage other parents to download.

Keep up the great work!”

Joss Annandale
Administration Officer - Waipa Primary School

Just a wonderful app to have available for our school community.
With a majority of our parents both working the app has been an amazing communication tool for them.
The permission feature is going to add even more to our great communication in 2018.
Thank you for the wonderful and prompt service too.”

Merillees Nicholls
Principal - Pukekohe East School

We love the Skool Loop app. It is so easy for us to add things to it as well!
The support we get from you and your team is outstanding!
We are very impressed since being on board.”

Rebecca Taylor
Principal, PA /BOT Secretary - Queenspark School

Excellent service – extremely helpful and friendly staff
Definitely recommend to other schools in our cluster!”

Pauatahanui School

Your level of service has been wonderful, lovely to ring and talk to a human straight away.
We would recommend your app to other schools.”

Tony West
Deputy Principal - Milson School

During this last flooding and weather situation in our area, the Skool Loop App- Push Notifications has been an invaluable tool for us as a school.
Being able to notify all subscribing parents at the touch of a button has been a huge relief.

Thanks so much for this!”

Liz Marr
Office Administrator - St Joseph's Catholic School Matata

We have found the Skool Loop app to be extremely useful for our parent community. As most of our parents have smart phones, it is an easy way for them to check what events are happening in the school including the times and locations. The app is also an easy way for our parents to inform us of their child's absence. From a school's perspective, it is very simple to manage.”

Robyn Wood
Deputy Principal, St Clair School

Personally I think the Skool Loop App is great!”

Rudy Kuhn
Business Manager, Fairfield College

We have found the Skool Loop App to be really easy to use and provides a service for parents. Any additions to the calendar are made speedily.
Many Thanks”

Carol Graham
Principal, Otaua School

For my own useage I find the Skool Loop App it easy to use and very user friendly. The calendars all show through from our school site along with my personal appointments.

It's good to see our local businesses advertised on here though.”

Adrienne Subritsky
Kaitaia College

We have had a fantastic uptake from our community. I have had lots of comments from people saying that they are viewing and using the app.

Thanks again for all the work on this.”

Steve Fennessy
St Andrews Primary School

The Skool Loop App was quickly downloaded and installed by more than six times the school’s roll. The early adopters passed on the message and the whole school year was literally at people’s fingertips. The data from the school’s web calendar is used to populate the Skool Loop app and is updated every fortnight. Local firms have supported us and feature tastefully at the bottom of the pages. Calendar entries also contain the extra event information so a second click and presto, details are known. A great app.”

Ernie Buutveld
Principal/Tumuaki, Havelock School

The Skool Loop App has been really good for the school. Most parents have the App and it has enabled them to keep up to date with the school events. When a parent has had a problem downloading the App or the school staff have seen a mistake on the school site the company have immediately supported the queries. As the Principal I enjoy it as my personal calendar syncs with the school calendar and I do not double book myself. Overall excellent.”

Christine Stuart
Ararimu School

Bluestone School has appreciated the speed with which the Skool Loop app has been set up. Thanks to great communication and rapid response, having the app set up for us has been effortless on our behalf. Being an app that can run on Android and Apple devices has meant all of our parents can gain quick and reliable access to the important information our school calendar contains. In addition the app allows our parents to email in student absences meaning our staff can deal with these when they are able. Keeping the calendar on the app up to date is as simple as an email from us. It doesn’t get much easier or more efficient than that, ensuring our parents of the latest information on school happenings through the device they carry with them every day!”

Ian Poulter
Principal - Bluestone School

Thank you for the continued support for a great school resource!”

Nesan Govender
Principal, Ohinewai School

Hi Team, Parents are liking the Skool Loop App and prefer this to the School Website”

April Morris
Rapaura School

I am so impressed with the service we received from the staff at The Skool Loop App, once I gave them the go ahead it was only a matter of days before the App was running fully with our details. The staff were helpful with my questions throughout the whole process and I can see that updating our information in the future will be very easy. I'm sure this will be a great tool for us to communicate with our community, thank you to the Skool Loop team and, of course, the businesses that advertise with them which makes this service possible.”

Karen Hale
Executive Officer - Pirongia School

Just like to say how beneficial the Skool Loop App is for not only the school but for the parents. It is useful on our end to know that if they have the app downloaded they are receiving their newsletters (which is a great new feature) and any information which is important can be sent with push notifications. It also saves us on printing costs having to send information and newsletters home (and at times they aren't given by the children) and this is peace of mind knowing that if the parents have this downloaded they will receive the information. And it's free, for a small school such as ours it is definitely a bonus!!”

Liz Marr
Office Administrator - St Joseph's Catholic School Matata

Last week our bus broke down as it was about to leave school here in the afternoon. It was great to be able to text all parents to let them know !

Dealing with your staff is always quick and efficient.

We wouldn't be without it now and would recommend the App to other schools.”

Carol Graham
Principal - Otaua School

Our experience to-date with the Skool Loop app has been totally positive; from our first enquiry, explanations, working with sponsors, responding to emails - all first class.

The app is very user-friendly and that is also helping to engage our whole community.
We are very pleased that we had this app suggested to us from another school and highly recommend it to others.”

Frances Nimmo
Principal - Windwhistle School

A great way to keep parents informed about school events. An easy and straightforward app to use.”

Casper Kruger
Principal - Kokatahi School

The Skool Loop App has been a fantastic addition to how we communicate with parents. Parents constantly have the school calendar at their finger tips and utilise the absence part of the app regularly. The app saves our office staff time as they have less parents to ring and chase up the whereabouts of their child.

The Skool Loop App was a breeze to set up with extremely helpful and knowledgeable staff. We as a school highly recommend the Skool Loop App.”

Hannah Reeves
Junior Room Teacher - St Patrick's School, Waimate

Our school has used the Skool Loop app since term 2 and we have been very pleased with the way it has worked in our school. We are a tiny school and I am a teaching principal and I have found it very easy and not at all time consuming to set up, Sharlene and her team worked hard to find our sponsors and even helped with promoting it within our school community. Parents have loved the reminders that they get in regards to events happening in the school and it is a very useful tool when we have to contact parents urgently such as when we had to cancel a recent sports event. We love it!”

Catherine Swney
Principal - St Joseph's Catholic School Paeroa

The app was very easy to use. Our parents and staff all completely engaged. Our sponsors were really happy too.”

Kathryn Munro
Taumarunui Primary

As soon as we got the App up and running, most of our parents were eager to download and use it. especially great for absence notification, saves a lot of "phoning around" and especially good for last minute or emergency alerts.
All other school information is available for parents to so they can plan their days around school events and commitments.”

Mary Howard
Office Administrator - St Joseph's Feilding

Parents are already buzzing and full of praise for our new app. Great idea, awesome.

looking forward to using it , it’s so user friendly.”

Suneal Singh
Principal - St.Mary's School Palmerston North

Everyone I have spoken to has been extremely helpful, professional and very fast and efficient. There are other companies providing apps in New Zealand, as you know, but I am so glad we have gone with you.”

Leonie Sykes
Verran Primary School, Birkenhead, Auckland

We really like your product. We especially like the way you make the whole process easy for us.”

Chris Linders
St Josephs-Stratford school

We love the Skool Loop App and are really keen to rollover. Many of our parents use this facility and I have found the push notification system to be really useful in getting the message out promptly when necessary. We are also exceptionally appreciative of the sponsorship we have to enable us to continue with this service.”

Carol Graham
Principal, Otaua School

We have just started using this app and we are really liking it so far.
We love the ability for parents to contact us from the app for absentees etc which more parents are choosing to do as the weeks go by.

Loving it so far”

Sefton School

We do love the app, slowly getting more people using it. I especially like the new look.”

Liandra Allen
Rotorua Lakes High school

We are up and going well. More and more parents are starting to use it as we help them download the app.

Thanks you for such an easy to use and useful service.”

Gina Smith
Principal, Featherston School

Love it!”

Gretchen Smith
Wharenui School

We have had some good feedback from our parents, I like the way it links to our school google calendar.”

Danielle Maclean
Principal, Koputaroa School, Levin