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Skool Loop

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I'm new to my current principal role but the school was already using skool loop when I arrived and I've quickly become a big fan. It is very easy to use and the support people are wonderful. We've just used it for booking parent teacher interviews and the process was very straight forward. If you don't have a school app I definitely recommend skool loop”

Peter Ferrar - 19 May 2021
Principal - KingsView School

We just held our Learning Conferences and used Skool Loop for the bookings, many families made a point of telling me how wonderful the Skool Loop Booking system is. Thank you Skool Loop Team we appreciate your support.”

Brenda Leigh - 4 August 2021
Principal - Hiwinui School

The Skool Loop App.. we LOVE it!!!!! It is just so easy.. and everything is just working as it should !! I have started letting our families know (thanks for the promotional help there too btw :)
Seriously though.. I know I keep saying it, but the app is truly amazing...”

Chris Skrzypko - 10 December 2020
IT Manager - St George Preca Catholic School

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