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Skool Loop

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We are saying it must be a requirement that parents download the app before their child starts with us. It is such a useful tool to get information out. Our Principal has even set up a teachers group too so he can connect with them as he was finding the group text on his phone only had limited capabilities. The features we mainly use are the notices, newsletters, calendar and absentees. Parents love The Skool Loop App and we constantly get comments like "thank you so much for getting information straight to us” I would be lost without using this technology for our community.”

Rebeca Taylor - 1 May 2020
Principal PA - Queenspark School

The app has been absolutely invaluable over the last couple of weeks for sure! Our staff love it, the community loves it and I absolutely love it because it makes my life sooooooo much easier!”

Hayley Hodson - 20 March 2020
Principal's PA & BOT Secretary - Tamatea High School

Introducing the Skool Loop App several years ago has enhanced the communication between our school community and the school. The Skool Loop App is easy to use and those who administer the app always respond to inquiries efficiently and in a timely manner. They organise the wonderful sponsors who sponsor the site and place our weekly newsletter on the app. Another bonus for parents is the term calendar and the easy link to our school website. Parents use the app to communicate their children’s absences and these are easy for our executive officer to track. Daily and weekly notifications and reminders are simple to send and appreciated by parents. Our goal this year is to use the permission feature to assist with getting permission slips back from parents. I recommend the joining of the Skool Loop App to other schools.”

Mavis Glasgow - 7 February 2020
Principal - Buckland School

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